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“Gut health is the key to overall health”, rightly quoted by Kris Carr. Most of our health problems arise due to disturbed gut and can be solved by correcting the gut. But the question is how to balance the gut microbiome.

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland at night and serves as a signal of darkness to the biological clock. It helps with the timing of your circadian rhythms and with sleep.

Melatonin, commonly known as the sleep hormone is secreted by the pineal gland in our brain during the night (in response to darkness). It plays a pivotal role in synchronizing the circadian rhythm and maintaining the sleep-wake cycle, which is why the most well-known melatonin benefit is enhanced sleep.

Brain Health Supplements for The Better YOU

In today’s fast-paced and ever-competitive world, you need to stay ahead at all times. Holistic brain health backed by healthy sleep can be the defining factor for your productivity and success. However, do you always feel your best, energetic, and alert self? Is a good night’s sleep evading you and making you restless? Healthyr-U Quick & Calm Melatonin sleep spray can be your go-to solution.

After a hectic day at work, you must yearn for a good night’s sleep. However, with the never-ending to-do list at work and other personal and professional obligations, you might be awake till midnight or early morning. A great amount of tossing and turning can’t do the trick? Already tried the grandma-recommended DIY remedies but to no avail? We at Healthyr-U feel your struggles and have brought you the ultimate deep sleep spray augmented with the benefits of melatonin and chamomile extracts.

Rediscover your calm. Reclaim your much-deserved healthy sleep with our cutting-edge and expert-recommended oral melatonin spray.

What Are in The Quick & Calm Sleep Melatonin Spray

Our Quick & Calm Melatonin sleep spray comes equipped with a richness of melatonin and chamomile extracts, proven to regulate the sleep-wake cycle and help you attain better brain health. This brain supplement is all set to help you in your quest for steady physical and cognitive performance.

What Sets Healthyr-U Sleep Spray Unique

Bioavailability -

Our oral melatonin spray helps retain melatonin in the body for an extended period. This brain supplement can help you be your best self 24x7.

Non-habit Forming -

Supplements meant for inducing and improving sleep are often habit-forming. Our non-habit-forming deep sleep spray can lend you a helping hand in your quest for healthy sleep.

Fast Absorption -

Most marketplace sleep-inducing and brain health supplements have a small window of effectiveness and may not be effective beyond it. Our melatonin oral spray is crafted with fast absorption as a unique attribute. Take this brain supplement 20 minutes before bedtime and embrace the freedom from sleepless nights.

Regulated Sleep-Wake Cycle -

Melatonin is the hormone that regulates our body's sleep-wake cycle, and inadequate melatonin secretion due to stress and anxiety can disrupt the natural sleep cycle. Leverage our melatonin deep sleep spray to maintain a healthy sleep cycle.

Vegan & Sugar-free -

For those looking out for cruelty-free dietary supplements for improving brain health, we have brought you the perfect vegan sleep spray to help you wake up rested and stay physically and cognitively refreshed throughout the day.

Easy-to-carry & Easy-on-the-pocket -

Do you spend more time away from your home? Have difficulty falling asleep in different settings? Our easy-to-carry melatonin spray can fit well within your travel bag. Say NO to losing sleep anytime, anywhere.

Reclaim Your Sleep with Healthyr-U

Bid goodbye to sleepless nights, lazy mornings, and dull afternoons with our science-backed and clinically-substantiated sleep spray today.