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Who we are

Passionate about health, inspired by you. Our story is that of a relentless pursuit of good health so that you are able to work, play, grow and live your best life at every stage and every age. We have a single-minded commitment to making good health easily accessible. We believe good health is more than being disease-free. It's about living well, fulfilling one’s potential and embracing every possibility life has to offer and to continually thrive mentally, physiologically and emotionally.

As our passion propels us to push boundaries, innovate and create in the space of nutrition and wellbeing, our unparalleled legacy is the wind beneath our wings. It strengthens our capabilities, encourages, inspires and carries us through even as we traverse new terrains in wellness and nutrition category. The glittering legacy of Zuventus spans over 20 years touching the life of over 50 crore patients and receiving the support of many renowned healthcare professionals all across the nation. Just as it was at the very beginning, at the at the heart of this 20 years’ extraordinary legacy of Zuventus is YOU; helping you feel better, sooner. And this uncompromising dedication is at the core of Healthyr-U. To help make achieving health goals easier. To live a full life away from the shadow of ill health.

At this time of bewildering change, when everything from the way we live the way we work and the way we interpret health is changing, and everyone is trying their best to adapt and find answers, it's time for a whole new way of imagining health. From treating a condition to empowering prevention, from getting well to wellbeing, from treating illness to being healthy, from managing disease to making health easy to achieve.

Working with the belief that each of us is unique and has the potential to become better, Healthyr-U is the go to place where one can find the resources to be healthier and ready for tomorrow's challenges. It's a hub where prevention meets remedy, awareness meets action, potential meets empowerment, science meets care.

With a full range of nutrition and wellbeing offerings ranging from gut health, skin and hair therapy, sleep wellness to vitamins and immunity boosters, Healthyr-U is dedicated to help you achieve your peak health. Each product is meticulously formulated, thoroughly researched and thoughtfully created to meet your needs and expectations. Just as it has always been, at the heart of everything we do, is U.


Your challenges; Our solution

In the times we live in, missing meals, medications, and workouts has become a regular practice. We frequently put off taking care of our own health as we try to cross items off of our daily to-do lists. Unhealthy lifestyle conditions are a result of this vicious cycle.

We always bless our dear ones for a long and healthy life. Yes, health is of paramount importance to live our life to its fullest, face the challenges and opportunities it throws at us. We are all aware and also desire to take measures to improve and maintain a good status of health which in our day-to-day life will help us to perform our daily task with enthusiasm and energy.

Our challenges are however overwhelming us both in terms of time and effort we should be spending to improve and maintain our health due to financial, social, family, stress, responsibility in whose pursuit we are forced to ignore our health.

For leading a healthy life, every step starts from right nutrition and correct wellness measures whether you have an active or passive lifestyle.

Healthyr-U is an initiative of Zuventus Healthcare Limited which has been serving health needs of patients for over 2 decades is now dedicated to improve the wellness of human life to overcome, prevent sickness and maintain good health. Healthyr-U will help you to understand your current state of health and specifically to areas of challenge you face and help you decide the right wellness measure to bring back confidence, enthusiasm and energy in you.


Science of happiness

Our health holds the key to happiness. Whatever we do, be it working late hours or having that work lunch, we do it for a greater good of being happy and sharing the same with our loved ones. But doing so for a long time also means inviting lifestyle issues. That’s why, we at Healthyr-U, strive to help you meet your health goals with our latest scientific expertise and commitment to serve.


Our Mission & Vision

Our goal is to provide our consumers with not only wellness products but also the tools they need to live healthy lives. For this reason, we look for strategies to ensure that the entire family is healthy rather than just one member. Because you can only feel healthy when those you care about are healthy!

At Healthyr-U, we measure growth not only in terms of financial data and balance sheets, but also in terms of how many lives we’ve touched and how much people rely on us. We therefore strive to be India's most reliable health brand—one that comes to represent both individual and societal wellness!

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    Commitment To Good Health

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