21 Natural Ways to Fall Asleep Quickly | Healthy Sleeping Pattern
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21 Ways To Fall Asleep Quickly And Naturally

Sleeping is a crucial part of our body to relax. Sleeping helps our body and mind to remain healthy. Most adults need 6-7 hours of good quality sleep on a regular basis. A healthy sleeping pattern will prevent the risk of diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Nowadays, due to busy schedules and stress, no one is experiencing long & deep sleep. Also, people are wasting more time trying to sleep rather than sleeping. This is hampering their health. It is best to correct this problem in time. Some of the ways to fall asleep quickly and naturally are mentioned below.

1. Create a sleeping pattern


Everyone has a varied sleep schedule. Try to go to bed at the same time every night. This will allow our body clock to release sleep hormones simultaneously and induce sleep in no time. The main motive is to balance the body’s circadian rhythm and prepare our body to experience deep sleep every night.


2. Turn off the lights.


Create an environment that induces sleep. Keep lights off to train your brain that it’s time to stop hustling and rest. Also, you can start dimming the lights after dinner to help your body start judging that it’s nighttime.


3. Do not nap during the day.


A specific routine is created through the years and should be followed. Daytime is for work, and night is for sleep; disrupting this format will result in a mess. You should not nap for more than 45 minutes in the afternoon. Sleeping for more than 2 hours daily will lower your sleep quality at night.


4. Workout during the day


Exercising every day has a positive effect on your mind and soul. Some amount of workouts in the day will help to improve the duration of sleep.



5. Scrap the screen time before bedtime.


The 15 minutes of scrolling on your phone turn into 3 hours of scrolling, and watching how to exercise on Instagram is not how we need sleep. Prolonged exposure to blue light at night lowers the quality and duration of sleep. It is best to avoid using gadgets at night rather than indulge yourself in reading a book or planning for the next day.


6. Read a book before bedtime.


Always read something before sleeping. Reading self-help books at night motivates you to think positively about life. It will allow you to have some perspective about what to do next in life. Also, it has a long-term effect on your cognition.



7. Try The Military Method


The members of the military have a very disturbed sleep schedule. This method helps the soldiers to achieve sleep in about 2 minutes. This allows soldiers to not waste time waiting for the rest to kick in rather than just have a sound sleep whenever possible.

Here’s how it works:

  • Lie down, assume a comfortable position, and begin relaxing with each part of the face and then the whole body.
  • Practice deep breathing and repeat until you feel comfortable.

Clear your head and imagine something calm and peaceful. If you experience any vague thoughts, identify them and try to move past them.

  • If this doesn’t work, repeat “don’t think” in your mind for 10 seconds and try again. You will sleep in those 10 seconds.

8. Take A Warm Bath


A warm bath after a long day can be very relaxing. It will bring down all your tension and dirt. It is an effective mood booster. A warm shower will calm you down even in the summer. A cool temperature after a warm bath will induce sleep faster.


9. Meditate Before Bed


Meditation can calm down the hustling mind and body while enhancing inner peace. This reduces stress, anxiety, and body pain while improving memory and mood. Meditation is a tried and tested method of relaxation which helps you to sleep quickly


10. Practice Imagery


Imagery is a mental exercise to calm down your mind before bed. In this, you can start painting a peaceful and friendly scenario in your mind. Paint all the details also till you feel drowsy. You can imagine mountains, waterfalls, etc. This will focus your mind on the image and will remove other thoughts. This is an excellent technique to induce sleep and calm down the reason.



11. Play Relaxing Music


Playing relaxing music in the room can be part of your bedtime routine. This will send your brain the signals that it's night time. The soothing music helps you to calm down your thoughts and induce sleep.


12. Create and follow a Bedtime Routine.


Creating a bedtime routine will allow your body to get the signal that it’s time to sleep. But it’s vital that you make a realistic routine. Too fancy and extensive a pattern is not possible to follow every day. Make a list of 3-4 little things that you know you will look forward to doing every night. Like using a nice hand cream you bought recently, listening to your favorite soothing song, or sharing your experience of the day with your loved ones.



13.Keep the Temperature Low


The temperature of the room has a considerable effect on your body’s ability to sleep. Keeping the room temperature low forces you to drag a comforter which makes you feel cozier and more snug. Now, sleep will kick in no time.



14. Go for a Walk


Going for a walk is the best solution for all the work-from-home people. It gives you the perfect chance to get fresh air and do some physical activity at the same time. Tiring your body before going to bed induces sleep efficiency. Also, even while lying on the bed and after struggling for rest, you can take a walk-in to another area of your house to reset your brain from all the strange thoughts. This will help you to sleep in 5-10 minutes.


15. Change the Sleeping Position


Trying to be comfortable is a task while sleeping. And the wrong sleeping position might anyway delay your sleep. So, try to switch sleeping positions if you are a side sleeper and find it difficult to sleep. Then try to sleep on your back. This might reduce your tossing and turning and induce sleep.



16. Avoid Caffeine


Caffeine has varied effects from person to person. It is recommended to avoid caffeine at least 6 hours before sleeping. Caffeine might help you to wake up in the morning, but it definitely has terrible effects on sleep.



17. Get the right pillow.


Make sure you have the right pillow. Uncomfortable pillows will disturb sleep and might even lead to headaches. It is always good to keep your pillows neat and fluffed; this makes you feel fresh and relaxed. Also, the different sleeping position requires varied pillow support.



18. Write something before bed.


A mind with too many thoughts, anxiety, and stress takes a lot of time to rest and sleep. It is recommended to write down these thoughts that are keeping the mind busy. Writing before bed every day will calm down your mind and will induce sleep quickly.


19. Stop clock-watching


Clock-watching, whenever you get up in the middle of the night, can cause anxiety and sleeplessness. It is best to place a clock where it is not visible to you while sleeping.



20. Follow your father’s advice.


You should work hard all day and also enjoy but not just keep daydreaming. After working all day, you should die on the pillow and not just lie down on the pillow. Then other things like light, sound, clothes, etc., will not matter. You will experience deep sleep, which will charge you up for the next exciting day.


21. Wear comfortable and loose clothes.


Wearing loose and light clothes will not disturb your sleep. Tight clothes will make you feel hot, and you might need to get up in the middle of the night to change clothes. It is best to wear comfortable cotton clothes for sleeping.





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